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Murahd Shawki & Dauood Naimyar: Live In Chicago

Ages 21 and up
Murahd 106501672836961
Sunday, March 26
Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm


Special Event

  • item minimum (food or drink) per guest
  • 21+ venue
  • Seating is first come first served
  • No Backpacks

Dauood bio: 


Afghan-American comedian Dauood Mohammad Naimyar learned the value of assimilating at a very young age. Because of this, he tried his best to not be different but failed at every encounter. Once he embraced his eccentric point of view, he saw the humor all around him. Dauood’s comedic perspective is shaped by the duality of his constant need to fit in and his relentless desire to be different. His search for being relatable yet unique has brought audiences joy for nine years—and will probably continue until he finally figures himself out. Dauood has built a following of 150,000+ TikTok followers by showing the humor of his circumstances as an Afghan living in America, with multiple viral hits poking fun at politicians and world leaders. Dauood’s debut comedy album, Pier 69: Junior Varsity, topped all the charts upon its release.


Murahd bio:


Murahd Shawki is fresh off the success of his special taping with Don’t Tell Comedy “Dirty Little Immigrant Boy.” Clips from the 8 minute YouTube set regarding topics such as racial ambiguity, his Egyptian heritage, and mental health have received over 30,000,000 views cumulatively across major social media platforms. Based in the Bay Area, Murahd Shawki is embarking on his first tour with one goal: to finally get good health insurance.

Murahd 106501672836961


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