Best ZANIES Story





Anne Wolf


I arrived at the hospital for my colonoscopy. While preparing for the procedure, the nurse and I were chatting in a friendly manner – we even shared the same name. The anesthesiologist arrived to question me about my medical history. That was simple enough and he was a personable guy. He left, and the nurse mentioned that the anesthesiologist was a comedian. I assumed she meant that he was the office clown or something like that. She explained further that he was a stand-up comedian. I shrieked, “I love stand-up comedians!” Comedy clubs are my favorite places on the earth, honestly. When I arrived in the surgical room, I gushed to him about how much I loved stand-up comedy, and he mentioned that he was performing at Zanies the next week. WHAT???!!! This can’t be for real. Anyway, the sedation was just about to kick in, and poof, two tickets to Zanies fell from heaven onto my hospital gown. A clean colon and tickets to Zanies – life is good.








Kevin Mogensen

My best story from Zanies was actually in the Vernon Hills Zanies. My mom was a waitress there in the 90s. I remember for some reason or another as a kid I would end up there sometimes because my mom couldn't get a babysitter or we were there to help with something. Well the night before I shipped for Marine boot camp we saw John Pinette. My Mother, Father (A Marine), a girlfriend of mine, and myself. Rick Uchwat came out to wish me luck and told us about his time in the Marine Corps. To all of our surprise none of us knew he was ever in, let alone a purple heart recipient from Vietnam. He talked about it and ended our night on a good note. It taught me about about being humble, sincere, and not bragging about past accomplishments. It was the last time I talked to him before he died and was thankful for that. It is a gem memory, and one of many I have from Zanies.




Contest I:  Your Best ZANIES Story

Open Submissions:  January 15-May 15, 2018

Winner Announced:  June 15, 2018

As part of its 40 Year Anniversary Celebration, ZANIES Comedy Club in Chicago is looking for the best personal stories from the people who have visited the legendary nightclub.

In the past 40 Years, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed an evening at ZANIES On Wells Street.  Share your favorite experience at ZANIES/Chicago and have the opportunity to win a 40 Year FREE PASS to ZANIES.

  • Did you get engaged at ZANIES/Chicago?
  • Did you meet someone special at ZANIES/Chicago?
  • Was your first date at ZANIES/Chicago?
  • Did a particular comedian or performance at ZANIES/Chicago change your life?
  • Was there a show or experience you had at ZANIES/Chicago that you wish to share?


  1. ​​Stories may be submitted via email or traditional mail (Zanies Story Contest, 1548 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL  60610.)
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  11. 2ND Runner Up:  FREE Party of Four.  Value = $200, 1st Runner Up:  FREE Party of Four.  Value = $400, GRAND PRIZE:  40 Year Gift Card valid at ZANIES/Chicago.  Gift card is valid for Admission and Table Purchase for Winner Only.  Value = PRICELESS.